Terms and Conditions



In order to offer the best value possible, consultations are carried out one to one. Meetings normally take up to 1 hour. However for overseas customers who are returning home, we can communicate via Skype, email and phone.



In order to secure your date, a booking deposit of €70 is required.  This is taken off your final balance . This deposit is



Colours and floral content of items may be changed up to 3 weeks before your wedding date, after this period, no further changes can be accommodated.


Special Offer flower packages and fixed price packages are exceptional value and are offered only as advertised, and cannot be reduced.


In the highly unlikely event of cancellation by Little Daisy Flowers due to circumstances out of our control,  your booking fee will be returned in full and a list of other florists that may be able to accommodate you will be provided.  



Final balance for flowers will be payable via electronic transfer 5 working days prior to your wedding, Or full cash payment on your wedding day upon delivery. Unfortunately Little Daisy Flowers cannot longer accept cheques or bank drafts.



In the event that chosen flowers are unavailable from our supplier, Little Daisy Flowers reserves the right to substitute chosen flowers with an alternative flower of equal value, and take no responsibility for doing so.  You will be contacted prior to this to discuss alternatives if this occurs.


Flowers are natural items, and have natural variance in colour and tone, which Little Daisy Flowers has no control over. Flower bouquets are designed to be viewed in natural light, and Little Daisy Flowers cannot be held responsible for the colour of flowers in stock photographs and videography.  Camera flashes, and lighting conditions can make flowers appear different colours. Little Daisy Flowers cannot accept any responsibility for this.


Delivery and Church Ceremony Setup

Flower quotations include delivery and venue setup charges as prearranged during consultation stage.   If items need to be removed or relocated after the ceremony by Little Daisy Flowers this will incur a surcharge, which must be agreed to, and paid for prior to the wedding date.


Hired items for the ceremony are hired for the duration of the wedding ceremony only, and remain the property of Little Daisy Flowers, any shortages in hired items following the wedding ceremony or damaged items must be paid for, these will be invoiced to the client at replacement cost and must be paid for within 10 working days.


Little Daisy Flowers will photograph all arrangements prior to leaving the church, however, sometimes, the items are moved by church representatives following our setup. Little Daisy Flowers is not responsible for items moved in such a case.


In the case of inclement weather Little Daisy Flowers reserve the right to relocated rental items such as lanterns or bay trees to the interior of church to minimise and damage or hazard to guests.


Fresh pedestal arrangements do not include the provision of pedestal stands. In the case that your chosen ceremony venue does not have floral stands, Little Daisy Flowers will place the flowers in the church in the most appropriate location, in accordance with the venue’s instructions.  (Pedestal stands can be organised if prearranged.

Little Daisy Flowers or any courier or postal service that we use shall be liable for any failure to perform, where such failure or delay results from any circumstances outside our reasonable control including but not limited to any fire, flood, explosion, accident, adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of any private or public highway, riot, government act, act of war, terrorism, act of God, or from any industrial dispute or strike whatsoever.



All our hired items are supplied with LED candles only. Some churches/venues do not allow naked flame.

Should you choose to use real flame candles in your unity candle/alter arrangement please note the following safety guideline: Real flame candles placed in floral arrangements must be kept under constant supervision whilst lit. Never move a burning candle, and even after the flame has been extinguished, do not move the candles until the wax has solidified. Ensure that candles are extinguished when they burn down to 3 inches above of the start of the flowers or greenery in the arrangement, to minimise the risk of fire. Never leave a lit candle unattended.


Safety Guidelines Pertaining to Floral Items for wedding guests and bridal party members


Pin on corsages and buttonholes are attached to material with a pin, care must be taken when affixing pin on corsages and buttonholes as pins are sharp. If the wearer believes the pin could damage the material in their outfit, then the corsage/ buttonhole should not be affixed to the outfit. 


Magnetic corsages and buttonholes must not be worn by or near anyone with a pacemaker device.

Flowers are delicate items, and must be handled with care. Some vibrantly coloured blooms, and greenery can cause staining, it is therefore important that flowers are not crushed against clothing.


Children must be supervised at all times when they have flowers including floral baskets, wands, hair accessories, buttonholes. Flowers supplied are decorative purposes only, and are not for human consumption.


Complaints Policy

Any complaints about our flowers must be made upon receipt of flowers on your wedding day, prior to the ceremony commencement. After this time, it is deemed that you are satisfied with all aspects of the flowers as delivered.

Little Daisy Flowers design your wedding flowers for use on your wedding day, flowers are perishable items, and will begin to slowly decline naturally once removed from water.  Therefore, Little Daisy Flowers cannot guarantee the longevity of your wedding flowers after your wedding day, and cannot take any responsibility for this. Care advise will be given prior to wedding day.


We will not be liable for any loss you, or any other recipient of our work suffer through failure to use the products in a normal and proper manner or through altering or modifying the products, failure to follow any guidelines or using the products in a careless or negligent manner.



Prices may vary for the following time periods: one week either side of seasonal dates. These dates will incur additional fees due to price increases at auctions for Valentine's day, Mother's day and Christmas.


Upon payment of booking fee, or upon return of a signed copy of this page, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions, and to be bound by them.


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